Stream Energy Exceeds Natural Resource Industry

Stream Energy is popular for providing life services to their customers including wireless home protection, homes services, and now energy. Their most recent expansion includes providing energy services to parts of Illinois. They will proudly serve Northern Illinois as part of the seventh state to partner with Stream including Pennsylvania and Washington to name a few. Their CEO and president, Larry Mondry says, their team of professionals is proud to serve Illinois. The goal is to improve the lives of thousands of their customers by providing the best in energy services. Stream remains committed to their customer’s needs. View Stream Energy at

Streamline your life with affordable energy from a trusted provider. You can receive a 6% reduction on traditional services which is below the incumbent. An online press release says they have been working on this deal for some time and have increased their business portfolio successfully to add the state of Illinois. They also encourage their customers to take part in their 12 month fixed home electric service plan. Stream also expects to exceed their energy services to include commercial partnerships and international expansion. As a response, Illinois says,

they’re proud to be a part of the Stream Energy family.


Who Is Stream Energy

Stream Energy is based in Dallas, Texas and known for their reliable life services network. Their assets are worth an estimated $12 billion dollars in the past 12 years. Their stockholders are impressed and back their initiative for corporate growth. They are one of the largest selling energy providers in the market. A friendly team of professionals is there to keep you connected wherever you are. Streamline your complete energy services and more with the superior Stream Energy. They’re currently serving many states and would like to continue expansion efforts. Get details on Stream Energy at

Self Esteem, Health and Empowerment from Fabletics

There is a lot of focus on self esteem and health. One of the most common issues with society is that of low self esteem and self worth. Many people, especially women are struggling with their self worth. One of the main driving factors behind their self esteem is their appearance. This adds to the issues that women are faced with everyday. While they are aware of what may be causing their low self esteem, they are often presented with messages of the importance of self acceptance. The only issue is that women are often faced with issues that they can’t help but notice about themselves.


It has been suggested that one’s clothes can influence how one feels about herself. With the right type of clothing, women can experience a subtle lift in their self esteem. The only issue is that trying to dress well can cause a lot of confusion for women. This is where they have to make a decision as to who they are dressing for. The best person for a woman to dress for is herself. If she is satisfied with what she looks like, then that will leave less room for people to have their say on what she should look like.


There are people that are helping women in their pursuit of greater self esteem. Among the people that are working towards empowering women is Kate Hudson. She is very passionate about sending a positive message to women. She also wants to help women feel their best as well as look their best. Among the other people involved is Don Ressler. Both Kate Hudson and Don Ressler have worked together to bring forth Fabletics and have made it an all inclusive brand so that women of all sizes can enjoy the brand.


Feeling and looking good is every woman’s right regardless of size. Women should not have to go without the outfit that they think is amazing because they are not the right size. One of the frustrating facts about the fashion industry is that it seems to punish people for being big. Even men are faced with disadvantages that come with being either too big, too tall, or both. Not every case of size is something that can be controlled. With Kate Hudson, her approach in the fashion and beauty industry encourages women who are trying to be healthier to pursue a greater fitness level.

DR. SCOTT M. ROCKLAGE – Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures

Dr Scott M. Rocklage is an exceptionally qualified medical physician who has been in the industry for more than two decades and has led to the FDA approval of 3 U.S New Drug Applications; i.e. Comniscan™, Teslascan®, and Cubicin®. He has also entered six drug candidates into clinical trials.


He joined 5 AM Ventures LLC in 2003 as a venturing partner and became a managing partner in 2004. He defines the firm as a life science-based venture capital firm. It aids the science community in further developing projects that will help human life to survive longer on earth.


Scott Rocklage attained his B.S in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and went further ahead to pursue his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he researched in Richard R. Schrock’s lab, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005. He is currently based in Boston, MA office.


Despite his managing partner role, Scott Rocklage has had numerous titles throughout the years. He was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nycomed Salutar and Nycomed Interventional and similarly, has served in various R&D positions at Salutar and Catlytica.


He has also had positions as Board Chairman of Relypsa, Achaogen, and Novira. He has been a Board member in EPIRUS and Pulmatrix as well. He was the former executive chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana Therapeutics Inc, and Semprus BioSciences Corp. He currently is the Board chairman of Rennovia Inc., Kinestral, and Cidara Therapeutics Inc.


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