Dick Devos – article recap

Outside visiting his wife, Betsy DeVos in Washington D.C., Dick DeVos now has more reasons about why he should go to D.C. Betsy DeVos is the US Education Secretary for the Trump Administration, but the previous Amway CEO and an experienced pilot has now received an appointment to one of the top-ranking civilian panels for the FAA.


Dick DeVos recently joined one of the seven newly appointed members whom Elaine L. Chao announced. The Federal Aviation Administration exists as a 13-member council, and they have helped to give advice to the senior management of the FAA. They look at a variety of factors like:



  • Long-term planning


  • Budget


  • Regulations



On a collective level, this organization helps with how the organization will proceed. Appointees have been given their position as a volunteer, and they will operate here on a three-year term. Some of the expectations include helping both the private and the public sectors, and they will have to maintain the position.


Dick DeVos, previously the CEO of Amway, was rich for being the son of Rich DeVos. Currently, he works with his own firm, which is known as Windquest Group. This is a holding company based out of Grand Rapids, and they have several businesses like the Stow Company and Coppercraft Distillery.


For a long time, Dick DeVos has remained somewhat of a local hero for his philanthropic work. For example, he was partially responsible for helping to put the Gerald R. Ford International Airport on the map. In addition, DeVos has helped to lead many business leaders to work. He has even managed to negotiate with Southwest Airline in getting them to have routes right out of the airport in Grand Rapids. Almost half of the $45 million poured into the airport of Grand Rapids was made possible through private funding.


Jim Gill, the president of the Ford Airport, has said that Dick will prove to be one of the FAA Management’s biggest assets. Gill talked about how DeVos has roots that reach deep into the world of aviation, and he is a respected pilot. Dick has proven one of the most outstanding partners of the airport, and he will continue to bring forth a strong work ethic and leadership skills to put the industry on track.


Dick DeVos received his license for flying single engine jets, planes and helicopters. DeVos was too busy to give a comment, but John Trescott, the spokesman for the DeVos family, said that DeVos had positioned himself well for the job. Dick’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for flying means that he will bring a refreshing and positive outlook to the FAA. Some of the other leaders selected for the position include Brian Wynne, Phillip Trenary, Donna McLean, William Ris, Jeffrey Shane and Hunter Lawrence. All the new members have extensive experience with flying, and their combined years of experience reach up to a century, which will prove invaluable to the FAA. His long-term passion has finally turned into another way of helping the industry.


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Improving Medicine Is A Life’s Work For Doctor Saad Saad

Becoming a doctor is both a lifelong dream and a passion for many people. Doctors can really change people’s lives for the better. Of all the fields of medicine it is perhaps the field of pediatrics where doctors can truly help. A doctor can provide patients with access to vaccines, corrective surgery and other procedures that work well. One such pediatrician is Dr. Saad Saad. His work has been about passion and the ability to reach out to his patients and help them get better. He’s constantly on the alert for new ways to help improve his chosen field and make it more functional. He’s also on the alert for ways to help do things differently. His goal is to think about procedures in new ways and help his fellow doctors see the world in entirely ways. To that end, he’s developed some new tools that he thinks can make medical practice safer and easier.


New Tools For Medical Practice


One of his specialties is surgery. Surgery means that he has the capacity to go directly into a patient’s body and change it. Part of doing surgery very well is the ability to see the patient’s body. A doctor needs to have a good view of the field in order to make any necessary changes. To that end, he’s created some new tools that he knows can make easier to see the patient’s internal organs when the doctors is performing a surgical procedure. One of the most important issues that doctors face when they are operating is the accumulation of fluid. Fluid can obscure the doctor’s ability to see the interior cavity of the patient. His proposed invention would make it much easier for doctors to siphon fluid away from the area during the course of any surgery. This would make it easier for the doctor to use the endoscope and clear away any problems with fluids without creating problems for the patient in the process. Learn more: http://blogwebpedia.com/life-lessons-dr-saad-saad-pediatric-surgeon.html#.Wpbw3YJMFTY


Creating a Career


A career in medicine has long been one of Saad Saad’s aims. Spending his childhood in Cairo exposed him to many points of views. It also exposed him to a life long love of the sciences. As a young man, he knew that the field of medicine would be one that he could make his own. In order to prepare for this field, he studied long and hard, spending many hours pouring over varied textbooks. It paid off when he graduated from the Cairo University School of Medicine. His time there helped him understand the need to be open to all sorts of technology. He is hopeful that his proposed new improvements will make medicine even better.


Securus Technologies An Exciting Place To Be

Securus Technologies has been working on a new technology that will make prisons and jails around North America safer places for both inmates and staff. They have recently completed a comprehensive testing of its drone detection technology, one that took 18 months to complete. The testing wrapped up in early 2018 and the company is excited to announce that it was a huge success. While the technology is still in relative infancy and will need to be tweaked in the coming years, the company is ready to provide their customers with this innovative service. The amount of contraband being introduced into corrections facilities by pilot-less drones has grown exponentially over the past several years. Some of the illegal contraband items that officials have seen being delivered by drones include weapons, drugs, and cellphones.


Securus was also in the new recently when the company won three Stevie Awards in February for outstanding customer service. The most prestigious award they received was a Gold Stevie for having the Best Customer Service Training Department in the industry. It is with great pride that the company employees over 300 customer service professionals in its U.S.-based call center. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded way back in 1986.


The Frontera Fund Corrects the Wrongs Committed by Joe Arpaio

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin began to investigate the illegal actions of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, they never expected to be subpoenaed. That’s exactly what happened. Joe Arpaio and his friends in the county’s attorney office had a subpoena written out that ordered Lacey, Larkin, and their newspaper, The Phoenix New Times, to turnover information regarding its writers, editors and even readers. Lacey and Larkin, instead of offering the information to the sheriff, wrote about it in their paper. Once the story hit shelves, Arpaio promptly sent his deputies to arrest Lacey and Larkin. Arpaio’s Selective Enforcement Unit pulled the journalists from their homes and threw them in unmarked SUVs with Mexican license plates. The two were hauled off to separate jails.


When the two were arrested, people all over the country were reading about it in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post. The outcry from American citizens forced the county to release Lacey and Larkin the same day they made the arrest. When they were free, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the county and eventually went home with $3.7 million dollars.


Instead of retiring, or purchasing luxury cars, or buying a new home, Lacey and Larkin decided to create The Frontera Fund. The Hispanic-community has taken the most of Arpaio’s punishment during his 2 decade spree of evil, so Larkin and Lacey are using the Frontera Fund to give back to those people. Now, Lacey and Larkin support organizations such as ACLU of Arizona, the Arizona Justice Project, and American Immigration Council. They are helping the victims of Arpaio and his allies.


“I cannot think of a more deserving group than those Mexican immigrants who brave unimaginable peril in the desert to travel to Arizona for work and economic opportunity.” said Jim Larkin, while explaining why they decided to help such a target audience.


Joe Arpaio once arrested a Mexican citizen in Arizona who was visiting legally. This resulted in a judge ordering him to cease his federal immigration law enforcement. Arpaio quickly ignored the orders and was charged with criminal contempt of court. He has admitted to racial profiling and running a concentration camp. These are just a few of the reasons why Lacey and Larkin decided to create The Frontera Fund.


Must Have Facts Unleashed by AvaTrade Review

Financial professionals need to know the facts to earn consistent profits. What must have facts have been unleashed by the latest AvaTrade Review? Once you have the facts, you can decide if AvaTrade is right for you.


AvaTrade Minimum Deposit

AvaTrade started operations in 2006. This broker is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and other government agencies. You don’t need millions to purchase a broker’s license, just gather USD$250 to fulfill the minimum deposit requirements of the Dublin-based AvaTrade broker.


If you are new to binary options trading, you can practice on a demo account. Test out your theories on AvaTrade. With AvaTrade you can profit by identifying the movement of fiat currency, cryptocurrency, corporate stocks and commodity prices.


You will find the most popular assets on AvaTrade. Their company stocks are mostly from America, Britain, Germany and Japan. Their cryptocurrency offerings include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum and Ripple.


200,000 Members

There are 200,000 members of AvaTrade from around the world, including the British Virgin Islands, South Africa and Mongolia. Why do Forex traders like AvaTrade? It is a little different than some of the more bland UK brokers. Some of those seem like they are owned by the government or something.


AvaTrade has a little Irish panache to it. It offers the standard MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It also understands that you might have your own favorite trading tools. You can plug in the most popular tools to the AvaTrade system.


The API is open. So, if you are a programmer, you can configure trades to be automatically executed. AvaTrade satisfies its customer demands.


Popular Money Deposit Systems

You can use Paypal or Neteller to deposit your money. Customer service is via email, live chat or phone.


AvaTrade has won several awards from the FX Empire review site. They think the firm is cutting edge and offers a reliable trading platform. This AvaTrade Review found that this broker has become quite popular in the industry and that’s a fact.

Tailored Suits and Red-eye Flights – Ryan Seacrest

Men across America wish to reference Ryan Seacrest’s vogue style. This can be seen as a result of evolving trends in men’s fashion. The suits that he wears on TV are the new vogue style that represents what skilled and stylist men wear. He developed the new chic for contemporary men. This was Ryan Seacrest’s goal when he created his haute couture suit line Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He wished for average men to be able to have quick fashion and straightforward vogue style. He wished for them to be able to have quality garments that might be worn in any state of affairs. He values the nice feeling of a sensible suit. He knew that the fashionable man wished for one thing that might create a fashion that was fun and straightforward. The suits that Ryan Seacrest have created are the solution to what several fashionable men were searching for.


Ryan Seacrest is thought of for his slim suits. His designer is Christopher Bailey from Burberry. The pair are partners, they have been since Ryan Seacrest began competing on American Idol. Ryan Seacrest quickly learned a new love for the tailored suits that were made for him, and he wished to create them in mass quantities for contemporary men in America. He took on Bailey as his mentor. Seacrest learned several things regarding quality and cut from Bailey. Now, Ryan Seacrest handles every choice concerning his clothing line. He hand picks the materials and meticulously pores over the small prints. He’s instrumental in every aspect is setting the style.


Ryan Seacrest’s garments are on the market for purchase at any Macy’s location. They’re exclusive to Macy’s. Ryan Seacrest promotes his complete ensembles on the red carpet, and he can promote was celebrities as well. Seacrest may be a fashionable businessperson. He travels on a daily basis, and he creates several appointments. He wishes for comfort in his suits, and he chooses a similar comfort for his fashionable clothing line. The ultimate pleasure that he gains from a good suit is that he feels ready for his next meeting or next flight.

Learn more about Ryan Seacrest here: https://www.biography.com/people/ryan-seacrest-21095899

Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System Stopping Illegal Cell Phones Use inside the Prisons

Cell phones have become one of the most critical parts of our lives today. None of us can live without it as it allows us to communicate with other people and also complete other essential tasks quite easily. They offer many benefits to us, but there are people who are using it to hurt other people. Cell phones are among the most smuggled items in prisons and have led to many dangerous situations for prison officials. It is the reason why prisons have been using technology over the years to ensure that contraband cell phones are not used inside the prison. But, even after proper operations in place, there is always some ways that criminals can smuggle the cell phones inside the prison. Thus, it is up to the technology companies like Securus Technologies to prevent them from being used in prison. After many other technologies by other companies failed, the new technology by Securus Technologies has been able to provide excellent results so far wherever it has been tested.


Inmates use the cell phones inside the prison to be in contact with their partners outside so that they can still carry on their illegal activities from inside the prison. But, Securus Technologies has come up with a new system called the Wireless Containment System. The company has also introduced it in many different prisons and is seeing tremendous results. One of the people behind the introduction of wireless containment system was Robert Johnson. He had been a prison official for many years and was one of the top officials who was responsible for catching cell phones from inmates. He was himself attacked by one of the inmate’s contacts inside his home one early morning while his wife was sleeping in the next room. He was shot several times but managed to live the tale. He is part of Securus Technologies team who is looking over the installation the wireless containment system in prisons. He has been working with the prison officials and conducting workshops to show its benefits to the prison industry.


There are many reasons why wireless containment system is an effective solution to the contraband cell phone problems in prison. They create a local network inside the prison that every cell phone need access too, but only the approved phones can pass through it. The prison officials are using it to stop all unauthorized calls within the facility and stop the connection that the inmates make with the outside world. It is a way to prevent the inmates from threatening the lives of prison officials. Robert Johnson has on the forefront of the research on wireless containment system to make it completely fool-proof so that it cannot be hacked from inside the prison.