Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System Stopping Illegal Cell Phones Use inside the Prisons

Cell phones have become one of the most critical parts of our lives today. None of us can live without it as it allows us to communicate with other people and also complete other essential tasks quite easily. They offer many benefits to us, but there are people who are using it to hurt other people. Cell phones are among the most smuggled items in prisons and have led to many dangerous situations for prison officials. It is the reason why prisons have been using technology over the years to ensure that contraband cell phones are not used inside the prison. But, even after proper operations in place, there is always some ways that criminals can smuggle the cell phones inside the prison. Thus, it is up to the technology companies like Securus Technologies to prevent them from being used in prison. After many other technologies by other companies failed, the new technology by Securus Technologies has been able to provide excellent results so far wherever it has been tested.


Inmates use the cell phones inside the prison to be in contact with their partners outside so that they can still carry on their illegal activities from inside the prison. But, Securus Technologies has come up with a new system called the Wireless Containment System. The company has also introduced it in many different prisons and is seeing tremendous results. One of the people behind the introduction of wireless containment system was Robert Johnson. He had been a prison official for many years and was one of the top officials who was responsible for catching cell phones from inmates. He was himself attacked by one of the inmate’s contacts inside his home one early morning while his wife was sleeping in the next room. He was shot several times but managed to live the tale. He is part of Securus Technologies team who is looking over the installation the wireless containment system in prisons. He has been working with the prison officials and conducting workshops to show its benefits to the prison industry.


There are many reasons why wireless containment system is an effective solution to the contraband cell phone problems in prison. They create a local network inside the prison that every cell phone need access too, but only the approved phones can pass through it. The prison officials are using it to stop all unauthorized calls within the facility and stop the connection that the inmates make with the outside world. It is a way to prevent the inmates from threatening the lives of prison officials. Robert Johnson has on the forefront of the research on wireless containment system to make it completely fool-proof so that it cannot be hacked from inside the prison.



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