Improving Medicine Is A Life’s Work For Doctor Saad Saad

Becoming a doctor is both a lifelong dream and a passion for many people. Doctors can really change people’s lives for the better. Of all the fields of medicine it is perhaps the field of pediatrics where doctors can truly help. A doctor can provide patients with access to vaccines, corrective surgery and other procedures that work well. One such pediatrician is Dr. Saad Saad. His work has been about passion and the ability to reach out to his patients and help them get better. He’s constantly on the alert for new ways to help improve his chosen field and make it more functional. He’s also on the alert for ways to help do things differently. His goal is to think about procedures in new ways and help his fellow doctors see the world in entirely ways. To that end, he’s developed some new tools that he thinks can make medical practice safer and easier.


New Tools For Medical Practice


One of his specialties is surgery. Surgery means that he has the capacity to go directly into a patient’s body and change it. Part of doing surgery very well is the ability to see the patient’s body. A doctor needs to have a good view of the field in order to make any necessary changes. To that end, he’s created some new tools that he knows can make easier to see the patient’s internal organs when the doctors is performing a surgical procedure. One of the most important issues that doctors face when they are operating is the accumulation of fluid. Fluid can obscure the doctor’s ability to see the interior cavity of the patient. His proposed invention would make it much easier for doctors to siphon fluid away from the area during the course of any surgery. This would make it easier for the doctor to use the endoscope and clear away any problems with fluids without creating problems for the patient in the process. Learn more:


Creating a Career


A career in medicine has long been one of Saad Saad’s aims. Spending his childhood in Cairo exposed him to many points of views. It also exposed him to a life long love of the sciences. As a young man, he knew that the field of medicine would be one that he could make his own. In order to prepare for this field, he studied long and hard, spending many hours pouring over varied textbooks. It paid off when he graduated from the Cairo University School of Medicine. His time there helped him understand the need to be open to all sorts of technology. He is hopeful that his proposed new improvements will make medicine even better.


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