Securus Technologies An Exciting Place To Be

Securus Technologies has been working on a new technology that will make prisons and jails around North America safer places for both inmates and staff. They have recently completed a comprehensive testing of its drone detection technology, one that took 18 months to complete. The testing wrapped up in early 2018 and the company is excited to announce that it was a huge success. While the technology is still in relative infancy and will need to be tweaked in the coming years, the company is ready to provide their customers with this innovative service. The amount of contraband being introduced into corrections facilities by pilot-less drones has grown exponentially over the past several years. Some of the illegal contraband items that officials have seen being delivered by drones include weapons, drugs, and cellphones.


Securus was also in the new recently when the company won three Stevie Awards in February for outstanding customer service. The most prestigious award they received was a Gold Stevie for having the Best Customer Service Training Department in the industry. It is with great pride that the company employees over 300 customer service professionals in its U.S.-based call center. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded way back in 1986.


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