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Outside visiting his wife, Betsy DeVos in Washington D.C., Dick DeVos now has more reasons about why he should go to D.C. Betsy DeVos is the US Education Secretary for the Trump Administration, but the previous Amway CEO and an experienced pilot has now received an appointment to one of the top-ranking civilian panels for the FAA.


Dick DeVos recently joined one of the seven newly appointed members whom Elaine L. Chao announced. The Federal Aviation Administration exists as a 13-member council, and they have helped to give advice to the senior management of the FAA. They look at a variety of factors like:



  • Long-term planning


  • Budget


  • Regulations



On a collective level, this organization helps with how the organization will proceed. Appointees have been given their position as a volunteer, and they will operate here on a three-year term. Some of the expectations include helping both the private and the public sectors, and they will have to maintain the position.


Dick DeVos, previously the CEO of Amway, was rich for being the son of Rich DeVos. Currently, he works with his own firm, which is known as Windquest Group. This is a holding company based out of Grand Rapids, and they have several businesses like the Stow Company and Coppercraft Distillery.


For a long time, Dick DeVos has remained somewhat of a local hero for his philanthropic work. For example, he was partially responsible for helping to put the Gerald R. Ford International Airport on the map. In addition, DeVos has helped to lead many business leaders to work. He has even managed to negotiate with Southwest Airline in getting them to have routes right out of the airport in Grand Rapids. Almost half of the $45 million poured into the airport of Grand Rapids was made possible through private funding.


Jim Gill, the president of the Ford Airport, has said that Dick will prove to be one of the FAA Management’s biggest assets. Gill talked about how DeVos has roots that reach deep into the world of aviation, and he is a respected pilot. Dick has proven one of the most outstanding partners of the airport, and he will continue to bring forth a strong work ethic and leadership skills to put the industry on track.


Dick DeVos received his license for flying single engine jets, planes and helicopters. DeVos was too busy to give a comment, but John Trescott, the spokesman for the DeVos family, said that DeVos had positioned himself well for the job. Dick’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for flying means that he will bring a refreshing and positive outlook to the FAA. Some of the other leaders selected for the position include Brian Wynne, Phillip Trenary, Donna McLean, William Ris, Jeffrey Shane and Hunter Lawrence. All the new members have extensive experience with flying, and their combined years of experience reach up to a century, which will prove invaluable to the FAA. His long-term passion has finally turned into another way of helping the industry.


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