Dr. Clay Siegall, Leading the Revolution Against Cancer

Cancer is a disease that has ravaged our planet for centuries. People in the past, too, got affected by cancer but unknowingly brushed off the ailment due to the lack of knowledge. There seems to be a rush in finding a cure for cancer, especially, in this day and time.

Recall, radiation, and chemotherapy have failed humanity time and again and that is why Dr. Clay Siegall is using his deep pockets to finance cancer research. Cancer, which scientists believe is a disease caused by anomalies in the DNA, has forced researchers to compare what is normal and abnormal with the aim of mitigating against the anomalies. Many tests have in the process gotten realized meaning that a new dawn is fast approaching.

Clay, who has taken his funding overboard, constantly keeps an eye on top researchers across the globe. His aim is to find that one person who believes will hit the right mark in due time. Mr. Clay’s desire to find a dependable treatment for cancer does not come out of the blues.

Siegall, who is also the founder, CEO, and the COB of Seattle Genetics has always found the need for excellence hence his push for advancements in targeted cancer therapies. Clay’s firm since 1998 has been able to do some pretty amazing things. The institution has, for instance, developed the first-ever FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate. Indeed, a future that was once oblique is now looking to the upright.

Mr. Siegall, thanks to his background in zoology and genetics has taken cancer research to a whole new level. The alumnus of the University of Maryland and the George Washington University has devoted his all to see that humanity thrives once again.

As you are now aware, Dr. Clay Siegall is no ordinary man. He has from the get-go used his expertise to lead companies like Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute Mirna Therapeutics, and the National Cancer Institute, all with the aim of causing a revolution in the field of medicine. Therefore, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as it is individuals like Clay who make the world tick.

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