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After a severe storm, your business or residence can get hit hard. Home remodeling professionals have been able to create an upgraded space that allows your home or business to weather the storm. Their team of professionals have been able to create an atmosphere that caters to the southern Illinois area. Each customer is given a personalized consultation of their home or business by the Aloha Construction professionals. Get quality roofing and siding options that will get you quality repairs or an upgrade. A professional is standing by to assist you with your questions or concerns.


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Your roof is the main structure of your home, but can be the first thing to go during a storm. Most people experience missing shingles or leaks that require immediate repairs. In fact, your roof is a small investment that should be considered carefully. There are several roofing style types including asphalt and cedar wood to name a few. Trust your home to a professional that is willing to put your needs first. Contact a professional for superior roofing in your area.




Your siding can contribute to the overall look of your home. Missing siding can be an eye soar, cause your utility bills to run up, or create an easy entryway for pests. You can choose from many siding styles and colors at Aloha Construction. Their siding stands unmatched by local area competitors. Their siding warranty guarantees their parts and services with a 15 year limited warranty. You can trust their team of professionals to offer actual samples for you to choose from a extensive catalog including vinyl, aluminum, and more. Their team of Aloha Construction professionals are dedicated to your residential and commercial upgrades.



OG Juan Throws Hundred Thousand Dollar Party for Friend Jay-Z

OG Juan Perez is a businessman who is known for his work with the music label Roc Nation and his business partnership with Jay-Z. OG Juan Perez was born in Harlem and was introduced to Roc Nation by Kareem Burke who is the the co-founder of their sub-label Roc-S-Fella. OG Juan has long held an interest in sports and this interest led to him developing a close friendship with both Kareem Burke and hip-hop mega-star Jay-Z.

OG Juan began his first business venture by creating the 40/40 Club in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The sports bar ended up being extremely profitable with it leading to him opening five more locations. The friendship between Jay-Z and OG Juan has led to several other business ventures ranging from property investment to music festivals.

OG Juan recently hit the news with him hosting an extravagant birthday party for Jay-Z. The event was notable for him footing a hundred thousand dollar bar tab. The party began with a dinner at the Zuma restaurant. The dinner ended up costing thirteen thousand dollars between many guests. The party then went to the Made in Mexico bar and grill for six thousand dollars with of drink. The final stop was at the music club The Playroom. The group at this point consisted of six people with them ordering Jay-Z’s Ace of Spades Champagne with them once ordering twenty bottles at a time. The group did not drink all this champagne with them handing out bottles to various tables. OG Juan footed this extravagant bill that totaled over eighty thousand dollars without a tip. OG Juan ended up tipping nearly twenty-five percent to make the amount well over an impressive hundred thousand dollars.

Wes Edens Is The Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group Who Has A Stellar Track Record In The Financial and Sports World.

Wes Edens, the co-founder, co-CEO, and Principal of Fortress Investment Group is someone who has a knack and also an impressive track record when it comes to private equity investing as well as sub-prime lending. Wes Edens has been well-regarded as someone whose investing style has is creative when it comes to financing, contrarian betting on the market, and talents when it comes to new businesses he has created from his new investments.

Mr. Edens started his financial career at Lehman Brothers in 1987. Edens worked his way to the position of partner and managing director until 1993. However, Edens moved onward from Lehman Brothers to BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. While working at BlackRock Financial Management, Wes Edens worked hard to make partner and managing director until 1997. Then, in 1998, Edens worked with Robert Kaufmann, Peter Briger, Mike Novogratz, and Randal Nardone to Fortress Investment Group. Today, Wes Edens is one of seven on the board at Fortress Investment Group.

In May 2018, it was reported that Wes Edens created a company called Brightline. This rail service assists travelers going between West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida. Brightline, which is the only privately owned and operated passenger rail in the U.S., opened a second travel route on May 19 in Florida. Wesley Edens, the owner of Brightline, was quoted as saying that this railway service is perfect for those excursions that are generally too long for transportation by car, and too short for air travel.

Edens was also quoted as saying that travel from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina as well as St. Louis to Chicago and Houston to Dallas could be paired and have similar characteristics. Edens went on to say about the future of rail service with Brightline that many of these cities are viable. As for the current schedule of Brightline rail transport, the scheduling will include eight round trips that occur daily.

Besides creating Brightline, Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. Edens and Marc Lasry bought the Milwaukee Bucks from the owner, Herb Kohl in 2014 for 500 million dollars. Billionaire Nassef Sawiris And Wes Edens To Buy Significant Stake In Aston Villa

Keeping Vision Alive Sightsavers Ending Avoidable Blindness

While philanthropy has become a trending thing for organizations, there are some like Sightsavers who are dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of m=not just those it operates on but the community within which they are based. Founded in 1950 by Sir John Wilson, who was blind himself, the foundation was first named the British Empire Society for the Blind. Before settling on its current name, the charity was for a while known as the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind. The name Sightsavers was received from an appeal that ran by the name in the 1980s when the Society assisted in the construction of an eye hospital after a disaster in Bhopal, India.


Medical surveys in West Africa resulted in the knowledge that a huge percentage of blindness was preventable. The biggest challenge facing those suffering from visual impairment and blindness was the lack of access to assistance. The first step was alleviating the economic burden that blindness had come with, with seminars and training the blind were integrated into their communities and taught skills to make them more self-sufficient. Sightsavers promote the spread of a drug that prevented the onset of onchocerciasis or river blindness, Lady Jean, wife of the founder is credited with the coining of this term.

To increase the spread of awareness and treatment, Sightsavers developed the Comprehensive Eye Services (CES), a concept that brought together screening, surgeries, treatment, and education. This was adapted around various regions, and it enhanced the impact the Society left on the ground. In an initiative aimed at ending avoidable blindness by the year 2020, Sightsavers has teamed up with various organizations including the World Health Organization for the project, Vision 2020. It might seem ambition, but with the improvement of access and knowledge, the Society is set to achieve its goal. Recently the Research Councils UK awarded Sightsavers the status of an Independent Research Organization. This means that the charity can now get funds and support from various councils such as the Medical Research Council, not only does this give it access to more resources it can stay at the frontline to ending preventable blindness.