Freedom Checks: Perfect Solutions for Retirees

American citizens work so hard so that they can earn a living and get to enjoy a comfortable life. Most of the people prefer to work for companies so that they can have a good salary at the end of every month. After working for three decades or even more, people start to realize that their retirement is about to happen. By the time most people are getting to the retirement age, they are not always prepared for the financial burdens that present themselves. There are people who will boast that they have invested in the retirement programs that are offered by the governments and other financial institutions.

Retirement is inevitable, Although people know that this time will come, they are occupied with so many activities to spend on, and they tend to forget that one day, they will be leaving their place of work and go to stay with their loved ones at home. There are many activities to engage in after retirement such as charity work. These activities need finances, and this means that the person in question should be financially empowered now that they will not be getting their usual salary. Visit their website.

Matt Badiali, a natural resource investor who serves as an editor with a local platform, is offering the retirees a new way of finding financial stability when they have left their formal workstations. According to Matt Badiali, it is easy for this group to enjoy wealth when they consider freedom check investments. Freedom checks have not been available for a very long time, but they have proven to the Americans that they can be relied on when it comes to online investments. Matt Badiali says that he is aware of the challenges in the market, but freedom checks will be the solution the retirees will need.

When the American investor starts to consider freedom checks before their retirement time, they can be content and wait to earn profits just like all the other profitable ventures in the market. These people will not have to sacrifice the good lives they had been used to before their retirement because freedom checks will offer them more earnings.

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Ted Bauman: An Expert Sharing His Knowledge of Finance

Ted Bauman, expert in global economics and finance, was born in Washington, D.C. and emigrated to South Africa as a young man. He studied at the University of Cape Town where he earned post graduate degrees in the subjects of Economics and History. Bauman utilized this education to work in a variety of jobs throughout South Africa and then in the United States after his return in 2008.

Ted Bauman was employed as a fund manager for low cost housing projects in South Africa, in addition to other positions for nonprofit companies. Throughout his career, he traveled expansively with a concentration of this travel in Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe. He also researched extensively to gain a solid comprehension of the links between politics, economics, and other factors in various regions with the hopes of helping others to gain financial independence and protect the assets they hold.

It was this extensive research that gave Ted Bauman the level of expertise to work as a consultant for several global enterprises and even the United Nations and the South African government. His knowledge of finance in conjunction with his understanding of housing and urban planning made him invaluable to such clients.

For five years (2008-2013) Ted Bauman held the role of Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. During this time he returned to live in the United States, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, while traveling often to Latin America and the Caribbean as dictated by the needs of his position with Habitat for Humanity.

In 2013 Bauman transitioned from his position at Habitat for Humanity International to concentrate more heavily on writing. He became a part-time editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and began a newsletter entitled “The Bauman Letter” where he offers strategic tips for the procuring of and preservation of wealth. His father, Robert Bauman, is also an author. Ted and Robert Bauman recently co-authored a book entitled Where To Stash Your Cash (Legally). Ted Bauman continues to author articles which succeed in international journal publications with the hopes of continuing to help others gain financial security.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

Sujit Choudhry’s take on the President pardoning himself

The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump has said he can pardon himself. However, the president argues that he has done nothing wrong and as such, self-pardon is out of play here. This question has left tongues wagging especially in the scholarly world with regard to the correctness of president Trump’s conclusion, as there is a slim precedent as to the matter, read (

Article II section 2 of US constitution gives the president the power to pardon and grant reprieves for any offenses committed against the United States except in cases where impeachment is involved. However, the statement does not indicate if the president can pardon himself, neither does it show he cannot.

The president’s pardon power can be traced back to 1886 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ex parte Garland, know more details on This happened when President Andrew Johnson granted a former Confederate politician a presidential pardon. This precedent was used during the Watergate controversy when Richard Nixon was the president. When President Nixon resigned, and Gerald Ford took over, he was granted pre-emptive pardon for the crimes he might have committed even though he was not yet charged with any crimes.

This issue cropped up again during President Bill Clinton’s administration following the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Richard Posner, a federal judge, and conservative legal scholar argued that the Founding Fathers left the issue of self-pardoning open. He argued that the issue had been concluded from the language of the constitution that the President has the power to pardon himself, visit

Of late, President Trump is fascinated by the presidential pardon power, and this is seen as sending a message to those targeted in the Robert Mueller investigation that he can pardon them.

About Sujit Choudhry

Professor Sujit Choudhry teaches law at the University of California. Sujit Choudhry is widely recognized due to his expertise on constitutional law and politics. Professor Sujit Choudhry has given major speeches in many different countries. Sujit Choudhry earned his law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard Universities. Sujit Choudhry has published many articles, reports, and working papers.


Wes Edens: Key Individual in Fortress Investment Groups Success

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by three visionary individuals. One of the founders, Wes Edens, is optimistic about their plan of opening a private equity firm, and he claimed that there is a better chance of succeeding if a business is in the financial industry. He contributed a lot to the company’s success, and he even helped it debut at the New York Stock Exchange. His skills in managing a financial business were developed when he was still with the Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993. He used what he learned at the Oregon State University to succeed, and it helped him climb the ladder of success, especially with the businesses where he joined.

Aside from managing the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is also known as the owner of several gaming teams, both in the physical sporting field and the e-sports field. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks, playing for the NBA, and FlyQuest, which plays for League of Legends. He stated that owning sports franchises is one of his dreams, and now that he can buy entire teams, he would be focusing on helping the teams he acquired and supplying them with everything that they need. Recently, Wes Edens has also acquired the Aston Villa football team, which is a well-known football team. He said that more sporting teams would be under his ownership, and he will help elevate the quality of gaming for all of the players under his control.

Wes Edens have also invested in the transportation industry. He has a rail line called the Brightline Train, and he still has the energy and passion for managing the company and helping it become a successful transport option. The co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. He said that the success he currently experiences is the result of this hard work and determination, and he also advised other business people to follow suit and focus on their dreams. He currently sits at an executive position at the Fortress Investment Group after the Softbank Group acquired it.


A Breakdown into Freedom Checks and How They Have Taken Investors by Storm

Freedom Checks have progressively grabbed the headlines as hundreds of shrewd investors are expected to reap substantial profits from this new form of investment. According to Matt Badiali, a seasoned investment expert, profiting from such payouts requires an in-depth understanding of what they are and how they operate from the onset. While most people have proven to be skeptical about venturing into this form of investment, Badiali firmly believes that only a select group of risk takers can sufficiently receive benefits from such investments. Debunking the most common myth, such checks are not issued by the United States. In essence, they have the unique potential of providing monthly payments surpassing standard payments from government-funded programs such as social security.

While getting the impression that such checks are associated with sketchy business deals, novice investors need to take ample time to understand how they operate not only to ease their minds but also reap consistent profits monthly. Suffice to say, freedom checks aren’t cash handouts disbursed to any citizen. Far from it, they are the by-product of shrewd investments made over time.

How They Work

Before any potential investor can contemplate receiving handouts regularly, it’s in their best interests to understand master limited partnerships with a keen emphasis on Statute 26-F. Enacted by Congress in 1987, the Statue 26- F accords master limited partnerships with the unique ability to operate tax-free upon the attainment of two essential requirements. For starters, they must have attained the ninety percent threshold on an MLP’s revenue generated from processing to the transportation of oil and gas in the U.S.

Secondly, the MLP must comply with requirements to pay out checks to its diverse shareholders. Such payments can only be classified to be freedom checks upon the disbursement of at least ninety percent of its revenue to shareholders. By collecting such checks, investors provide MLPs with carte blanche to broaden their search for new oil and gas wells.

The history behind Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali credits such a unique investment tool while working with seasoned oil and financial experts worldwide. In order to generate consistent profits, he insists that companies must have attained billion dollars’ worth in prized assets. More importantly, they must demonstrate to their shareholders the viability of such investments coupled with healthy balance sheets.