Brazilian Exports Surveyor And President of Eucatex Flavio Maluf

In a recent report conducted by the Brazilian supply company known as Conab, Eucatex executive Flavio Maluf discussed his findings concerning how the selling of Brazilian agricultural products to other countries has changed within the last year. He noted that there was a decrease of 0.7% of the Latin American nation’s exported food products, and that the main buyers of the exports were from Asian countries such as China, with soybeans and cellulose being the most wanted agricultural products in that part of the world. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf, who is also the President and CEO of a building supply company called Eucatex, also stated that during the first half of 2018, Brazil shipped 46.27 million tons of grain to other countries, and saw an increase of 5.2% in quantity and an exported value of 10.6%, which raised its revenue to $18.43 billion, a noticeable improvement over how much money the crops made for the country at the same time during the previous year. He further mentioned that the 28 countries of the EU, or European Union, was the largest destination for Brazilian agribusiness exports in the summer months, with an increase in the sales of products such as orange juice, green coffee, pulp and soybeans.

Basing his conclusion of how well he feels agricultural exports will do in the future on the findings of his most recent survey, Flavio Maluf says that he thinks there will be a favorable outcome in the sales of grains and oil, and he said that he expects soybean production to increase by 4.2% more than last year’s crop. In addition to studying and reporting on Brazil’s agribusiness exports, the corporate leader provides building exports made from eucalyptus wood to 40 countries around the world through his company Eucatex, which is a combination of the words eucalyptus and textile.

Flavio Maluf comes from a wealthy family of politicians and business executives. He graduated from the Armando AlvaresPenteadoFoundation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and from NYU, where he earned a Business Administration degree. He is also the President of Grandfood, the manufacturer of the pet brands called Golden and Premier.



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