Mike Baur The Iconic Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is the establishing brains behind the Swiss Start-up Factory (the Factory), situated in Zurich, Switzerland. With his over 20 years of managing an account involvement in the Swiss Bank framework, Baur concentrates on the financing rounds and raising support for the Factory. The Factory gives help to new and experienced business people using the Factory organize all through the world.


Through Mike Baur’s initiative, the Factory offers a three month program that gives business people a stage of administrations including tutoring, instructing and office space. The Factory gives impetuses to prevail by setting up yearning and forceful objectives and demonstrating to the business person proper methodologies to set the venturing stones set up to make objectives and at last progress.


Baur has a balanced instructive foundation to help his entrepreneurial and business aspirations. He earned a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University. His saving money encounter started as a business student at UBS and proceeded as an Executive Board part for a few extensive Swiss private banks. He set upon the entrepreneurial way when he established the Factory and it rapidly turned into an autonomous start-up quickening agent.


Not exclusively does Baur put resources into a start-up fiscally, yet he additionally contributes a lot of time with the business visionaries. He surrenders the begin’s direct tutoring and exhortation and offers consolation when the street appears to be harsh and rough. He exhibits it is conceivable to make progress with diligent work, center and assurance. He is the fellow benefactor of the association, and in addition the Director.


Baur considers his business important as he attempts to help other people advantage from his experience. He thinks that its imperative to help other people, as he has been the beneficiary of assistance mover the years. He has endeavored to characterize his concentration and gain as much from his oversights as from his victories. Enterprise is critical to society, as it gives out of the case masterminds a discussion and way to make items and begin organizations. As organizations develop, the economy thus increments from the offer of items and employment creation. Business enterprise may appear like a little machine gear-piece in the general picture, yet it is an imperative piece of the general picture and one that Mike Baur embraces generously.



Richard Blair Is an Ambitious Finance Professional

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Richard Blair has been part of the financial services realm for many years now. He started working in the field right after he got his college degree from the University of Houston. This was back in 1993. Blair majored in science while he was getting his bachelor’s degree. He also studied financial management and financial services. Blair established an independent firm called Wealth Solutions the following year and the rest is history. His aim was to give clients professional and individualized financial tips and guidance. Retirement is one of Blair’s biggest focal points. He strives to help his clients steer clear of typical retirement mistakes. He offers them in-depth techniques that can help them prepare for rewarding, happy and comfortable retired lives. Blair aims to simplify financial planning matters for families and individuals alike. He aims to simplify it for people who own and run small businesses as well.Learn more : https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advisor/218993/Richard-Dwayne-Blair/


Blair is a seasoned registered investment advisor who is equipped with many diverse skills and talents. He has substantial knowledge that involves diverse topics such as portfolio management, life insurance, risk management, banking, mutual funds and financial assessments. He can be a significant help to people who need assistance with leadership, banking and investments in general, too.Learn more : http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/


Blair is a strong proponent of detailed and thorough financial preparation. He encourages people to establish meticulous plans that can give them the opportunity to go after all of their financial objectives. He works hard to give all of his clients financial guidance that’s 100 percent fair and consistent. He has a passion for giving clients helpful guidance. He loves seeing his clients reach for the stars and go after their aspirations as well.


Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

Mike Baur co founded the company known as Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014. This company helps businesses reach their goals by providing mentorship and coaching. Over the last few years, Swiss Startup Factory has emerged as one of the top companies in Switzerland. During his career, Mike has also participated in startup investing where he would regularly put his own capital into many startup companies. This proved to be very lucrative as Mike was able to make substantial profits on a consistent basis. When he first began his career, Mike spent his years working in the banking sector where he would provide assistance to entrepreneurs looking for startup funds. This combination of experiences has enabled Mike to be very competent at helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.


Baur’s experience has helped him become an expert at helping entrepreneurs fulfill their various objectives on a regular basis. Mike first began working for banks where he would sit down with entrepreneurs and help them get loans for their businesses. This would allow them to reach certain goals such as getting started up as well as financing an expansion. Baur would also give them advice on how to manage their finances so that they stay solvent at all times. As a result, many entrepreneurs were in position to keep their businesses financially stable while using leverage.


After working in the banking sector for two decades, Mike move on to begin investing his money in startup companies. As a banking professional, Mike had a lot of experience working with entrepreneurs and the potential of startup companies. As a result, Mike would invest his own capital into a number of new companies that had profit potential. Fortunately for Mike, he was able to make very high returns and earn high profits on a regular basis. As well as earning a lucrative income, Baur also used this experience to eventually start up his own company.


Once Mike decided to end his stint as a startup investor he began his own company Swiss Startup Factory. His company focuses on providing coaching and mentorship to entrepreneurs. In order to begin the process, Mike holds an event where entrepreneurs can talk about their business idea and then let Mike evaluate it. Once chosen, businesses will get assistance on a number of things such as marketing, management, sales, finance and also ways on how to improve their products and services. With the help of Swiss Startup Factory, many businesses have been put in position to maximize their chances of success.