William Saito – Cybersecurity Guru

William H. Saito has been an information technology guru since his early age. He showcased a promising future when he began software programming as a child. He Founded and started his own IT company as a mere teenager. His extensive knowledge in information technology has dubbed him as the renown leading knowledge base on cybersecurity. William H. Saito is known as one of the “100 Most Influential People of Japan,” by Nikkei.


He has held many seats of authority ranging from Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan to Vice Chairman for Palo Alto Networks Japan. He has been awarded and recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year,” in 1998 by Ernst & Young and many other noted authorities. He is a Board Member of the World Economic Forum. In addition, he has taken his life’s work to produce a written and published book on his life.

William H. Saito believes that cybersecurity begins with the internet user. He feels that in order to truly combat cyber attacks, we as internet users need to change how we think and how we do things online. He points out many ways to best defeat the myths behind cybersecurity. Some of the points include:

risk is risk

  • Cyber Risk – Saito believes that risk is risk, there is no difference between cyber risk and risk. He feels that executives, leaders, and individuals should treat it as if it is just a risk. Find solutions to combat this issue the same you would for personal property, intellectual property, or personnel.
  • Cybersecurity is just IT related – Saito believes this myth helps perpetuate and make it easy for cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is not just IT related it relates to any digitalized information and how it is accessed via mobile apps, data centers, or even organizations.
  • Protect Yourself Only – Saito feels that this is the biggest myth of all. Organizations fail and get hacked because of this point. It is better to not only protect yourself (organization), but to protect all other resources and outsources that have access to your data. Having overall protection is much better than just protecting one entity of an internet ecosystem.
  • Going Back to Paper – Saito feels that this approach is detrimental to the efficiency of an organizations production. First, to do so would require a huge undertaking on the staff and funding for the organization. Second, it will allow paper copies to become threatened. Finally, disconnected networks will pose a problem, due to less monitoring of information and missing much needed updated security patches. This option is truly an open door to cybersecurity threats due to its weakened areas of security.

These are just a few of the myths mentioned in William H. Saito’s article. Saito believes in changing how we deal and think of cybersecurity will increasingly help to combat this growing issue. If anyone knows about how to protect IP, personal information, and online integrity; it is William H. Saito the cybersecurity guru.