Dr. Saad Saad: Overhauling Everyday Medical Devices

The entire process of becoming a doctor is quite difficult. For Dr. Saad Saad he had the added strain of being born in an impoverished area to a large family. He knew from very early on in his development that he wanted to become a medical doctor. Because he wanted to make a substantial difference, he pushed himself to challenge all of his original thinking and become something more. In order to do that, he had to leave home and do some new and exciting things. One of the first things that he had to do was enroll at the University of Cairo. Unfortunately, there were no medical schools in his area so he had to emigrate in order to attend. After graduating from the University of Cairo he went on to an internship opportunity that had been offered to him from the United Kingdom. He found his time there to be very productive and he learned a lot. This prepared him for his stringent residency in the United States where he learned more about his specialty of pediatric surgery. This is where made his name in medicine and became more well-known.


His fame in the field leads to his appointment as a surgeon for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. This position put him at the head of a medical team. He used this position to treat countless children in the surrounding area and help them survive illnesses that they would not normally have medical care for. His work remained exceptional throughout his time there. Eventually, he decided with his wife that he wanted to relocate to the united states. He found that his time with the Saudi Arabian Royal hospital served him well, but he wanted to enroll his children in schools in the united states.


Now, back in the united states, he uses his time to see patients, but he is also an inventor of sorts. He has been instrumental in the development of two new devices that are an improvement on everyday medical devices. One is an endoscope attachment that allows the medical professional using it to also suction out liquids that impede their field of view. The device also allows them to attach an irrigation tool for much of the same reasons. This is a device that many medical professionals use and it is growing in popularity. He has also developed a locator device for catheters inside of the body. This device will make it easier for doctors to locate the catheter and save the patient from x-rays that are used to locate it at this current time. While the device is not currently in development. It is a promising addition to his collection of good works for the medical community. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Rick Shinto Inspiring Greatness

InnovaCare Health prides themselves on their values of teamwork, personable relationships, communication, and a straightforward manner of pursuing their goals with clear and concise vision to help keep everybody on the same page at all times. Siting their manner of staying completely transparent to their clients as being the main reason that they have has such major success in their health department, InnovaCare is has two phenomenal affiliates located in Puerto Rico, called PMC Medicare Choice Inc., and MMM Healthcare Inc., where they depend on Dr. Rick Shinto’s excellence to help push them forward.

Presenting their clients with nothing short of the best quality of care that they can manage, PMC and MMM both dedicate their eclectic skill set to the act of encouraging the health of their many clients in both the physical and emotional side. Receiving their NCQA accreditations back in 2011 and excelling with a customer satisfaction rate of 90 percent that does not sway, it is obvious that PMC and MMM know how to run a company well. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Rick Shinto

As the CEO and President over MMM Holdings, Inc., as well as the CEO over InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc., Dr. Rick Shinto is an outstanding Pulmonologist who works in the area of internal medicine with more than twenty years of experience working in his field. Achieving degrees in various stages of learning at the University of Redlands, the University of New York in Stony Brook, and the University of California in Irvine, Rick Shinto has earned for himself an impressive life long career, working as the CMO for places like the Medical Pathways Management Company and the Cal Optima Health Plan as well as the Vice President of the Medical Management division for the company known as MedPartners. Through out his life Rick Shinto has been recognized with an abundance of honors, including that of his acceptance of the title Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year located in New Jersey under the Service sect.

Rick Shinto has dedicated the majority of his life to helping others and it’s obviously done him an abundance of good, because today has managed to grow into an accomplished Doctor who is greatly esteemed in his field at large and all the wonderful work he has done. Committed to the well-being of his clients as well as having a passion for the medical world Shinto inspires greatness in others.

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