Who Is Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Chief Executive Officer Makes Headlines In Healthcare News

Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, has over 15+ years experience in the healthcare industry. She has always been committed to women’s healthcare issues, but also advocates for underserved areas. She proudly works alongside InnovaCare, President, Richard Shinto. InnovaCare is a managed physician service through their popular MMM Healthcare Program. In fact, their program model offers personalized services that get their clients the services they need. Their preferred network serves over 560,000+ beneficiaries nationwide. Their clients have an opportunity to join their supportive healthcare plan with the benefits of joining your state Medicare or Medicaid services.


How Penelope Kokkinides Made Healthcare News

Penelope Kokkinides, was one of eight women chosen to speak at a healthcare summit. She was invited to the White House to speak to president, Donald Trump, on healthcare issues in Puerto Rico. After the storm that ravished the island, many people lost their homes and access to affordable healthcare services. She was able to point out how it would cost the United States an estimated billion dollars, if Puerto Rican’s were forced to leave the island. Her efforts with the CMS Group, the spokesperson for healthcare services with the Trump Administration were successful. Puerto Rican’s were hardest hit by the recent storm and thousands of lives were lost and millions go with medical coverage.


A Closer Look At InnovaCare

InnovaCare offers extra incentives that include extra dental and visual services. Their beneficiaries have the option of getting teeth whitening services or a free eye exam with their healthcare plan. You have the option of getting superior coverage that will carry you, when you need it. They work with their beneficiaries one-on-one to provide superior managed healthcare services. InnovaCare provides individual coverage and family plans.


Their official website offers a unique opportunity to blend your state medical services with their proactive medical coverage plans. In fact, InnovaCare is one of the leading network providers in North America and their beneficiaries are living a better life with stable healthcare coverage. Get the healthcare plan you need with InnovaCare today.


Why Sussex Healthcare Can Be Trusted

Getting old can never be avoided. Despite the many changes that people have been making in the global healthcare department, they have not been able to bring an effective remedy for old age. When people are getting old, they might get sickly and have many health complications. The young generation is not always available to offer their senior relatives the kind of support required to make sure that they have a long and healthy life.

Things always get tough when the seniors start getting complicated health problems such as dementia and other physical problems. Sussex Healthcare was started 25 years ago so that these special groups of individuals living in the United Kingdom have the great life they want.

Sussex Healthcare is not a new organization. If you have been following the Sussex Healthcare industry news, you will discover that this company has been existing for long, and it has offered excellent healthcare services to the seniors living in Sussex. If you know of any elderly who is in need of special care so that they can have a great life, it is paramount to contact the company, and you will never be disappointed because you will get the best services. The company has several facilities that are found in England, and they have been doing well under the able leadership of Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. These two professionals are responsible for starting the company, and they both hold the position of chairman. As the two co-chairmen of the large organization, these professionals have laid out a great plan so that the customers seeking the company services always get the best.

Shiraz and Shafik are both leaders who have invested heavily in the healthcare department. Boghani has managed to establish a group of hotels in England, and he has changed the healthcare system with the profits he has been making in the hotel department. Shafik, on the other hand, is a reputable leader who has worked for several healthcare companies as a dentist. His expertise in the healthcare department has been leading the company to offer the senior patients the specialized care they need.

Sussex Healthcare has very good professionals and all the equipment needed to offer healthcare to the elderly. The professionals have been trained to handle the complicated health issues facing the seniors, and they are always compensated by getting good salaries at the end of their services.

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