Kabbalah Centre Mania – Why Celebrities Are Obsessed

Famous musician Madonna was the pioneer, and now several eminent personalities are following suit. In recent times, a euphoric wave has taken over celebrities, making them obsessed with Jewish cultural practices and religion, particularly Kabbalah centers. Among the esteemed names to have expressed fascination to Jewish mysticism are Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Sammy Davis and much more. This preoccupation is mindboggling as much as it is shocking. In some extreme cases, the luminaries have converted to Judaism.

One reason given by the celebrities is that association with the religion clears problems within their lives. Paris Hilton went on record and said that visiting the Los Angeles Kabbalah substantially assisted her in recuperating after her divorces. She further added that by visiting the Kabbalah, she was able to share her tribulations with supportive individuals, who offered her emotional advice. Sandra Bernhard also concurred, claiming that Kabbalah wiped out considerable amounts of chaos from her life.

By description, Kabbalah is a traditional knowledge that seeks to bring contentment to human life by changing the perception of individuals. The subjects give an in-depth understanding of life, as well as defining the purpose of existences.

Apart from seeking a solution to life crises, celebrities also visited Kabbalah to connect with the rich Jewish history. Sam Davis expressed his admiration of the strong will of the Jews while they were being tortured, and cited it as his reason for going to Kabbalah centers. Since then, numerous celebrities have acknowledged the important role that the centers have played in transforming them to better persons.

About Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah is a non-profit institution that educates individuals on ancient Jewish mysticism. The establishment was inaugurated by Phillip Berg in 1965. The Los Angeles branch opened its doors to the public in 1984.Before its inception, many believed that courses offered at the centers should be taught to dogmatic followers. Some Jewish extremists saw the establishment of the centers as a travesty to the Jewish culture. However, the Kabbalah overcame this obstacle and is now spread in multiple cities, over fifty globally, ranging from native Los Angeles to Medellin, Colombia.