Whitney Wolfe Herd Buzzes to Queen Bee Status with Dating App

Women who have tried dating apps know how it is, very few men interested in dating and many interested in themselves and their appendages. There are things in life that cannot be unseen, and that is why most women just gave up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more female-focused dating platform?

Well, Bumble, the social dating app is just that. Closely aligned with the Sadie Hawkins notion, Bumble encourages women to make the first move with matches. Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd founded and is currently the CEO at Bumble. Wolfe Herd had one thing on her mind when she was devising a concept for Bumble – women. She was desperate to create a female-friendly dating platform that would be more approachable for the ladies.

Even at a young age, Wolfe Herd had an entrepreneurial-philanthropic spirit. She attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, majoring in International Studies. At 19, in between studying, Wolfe Herd began a business so that she could help people that were affected by an oil spill. After graduation, Wolfe Herd traveled overseas to work with orphanages. She moved back to the states shortly after, and it wasn’t long before she took dating to another level.

After spending some time in the corporate world, Wolfe Herd moved back to Texas. Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, messaged her initially with a job offer. However, after several chats and meetings, that job offer became a partnership. Within a few months, Bumble launched in December of 2014.

A Facebook login is required to use Bumble. After logging in a user profile is created, which will include college and work. Bumble uses a swipe method in which users swipe right to like a user, and swipe left to move on. If two users like each other, a match is created. The woman can then decide if she wants to initiate contact. However, if she does not make contact within twenty-four hours, the connection is voided. Bumble is said to be the fastest growing social-dating app with 22 million users reported in 2017.

Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble are on the up and continue to grow and innovate. In 2016, BumbleBFF, the friend-finding platform launched using the same interface and swipe method as Bumble. A year later, the career-networking platform, BumbleBizz launched, making Bumble the one-stop shop for work and play. Wolfe Herd resides in Austin, Texas with her husband Michael Herd, an oil heir whom she married in September of 2017. The two met on holiday in Aspen, and a few years later they married in Positano, Italy.

Named in Business Insider’s “30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech”, and the “30 Under 30 in Forbes, Whitney Wolfe Herd is making quite the impression in tech and for women.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Strike Gold with Live Meetings Application

We are living in an increasingly technical world and as a result there are constant tech innovations that are required in order to keep up. Talk Fusion is a Florida-based video marketing company that has focused on helping customers spread their business via video marketing tools. Talk Fusion made the news recently with the release of their Live Meetings application, a web-based conferencing application that offers businesses the chance to stream to upwards of 500 people at a time. Talk Fusion has been making a focused effort to upgrade their popular marketing suite with WebRTC technology and the results have been relatively stunning. Let’s take a closer look at Talk Fusion’s newest product in order to see what they have in store for the future.


Live Meetings is the newest program to be released by Talk Fusion and it might be their most popular one yet. Built on WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion has given their customers the chance offer video services en masse. Video conferencing is the way of the future, especially with how more and more customers are turning to the internet and videos to get their information. Live Meetings is the newest piece of tech for Talk Fusion and we believe it will have similar longevity as their other award-winning programs, such as 2016’s top product Video Chat.


Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO are Bob Reina and he has been a big reason as to why video marketing is as important as it is today. Reina retired from his work as a sheriff’s deputy in order to pursue a career in marketing. Based out of Florida, Reina and his company have become something of a global player. Talk Fusion can be found in countries all around the world and the core program itself has been translated into nine different languages. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina also offer a program by way of the Talk Fusion Academy in order to train potential associates to help advertise, sell, and make a commission with the Talk Fusion marketing suite. Talk Fusion’s success in 2016 looks like it will set them up for more success going forward. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bobreinatalkfusion-704

Bob Reina and Leading a Successful Business by Example

When businessman Bob Reina speaks on what has inspired him to become successful, it is not the usual story heard among entrepreneurs. Reina’s career did not begin with a financial windfall or immediate. In fact, Bob Reina personally built his own success from old-fashioned work skills and an engrained knack for marketing. It was also the feeling of being limited and desiring to accomplish more that led Reina out of law enforcement and into cutting-edge communications.


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. The company was established in 2007 and specializes in video marketing for the modern age. Reina has over 20 years of experience being involved in direct selling and marketing, so the creation of Talk Fusion was the perfect way for his creative visions to manifest. He is particularly enthusiastic about the direct selling industry because it is a mutual effort to succeed where all parties can benefit.


Even as his achievements are celebrated through awards and publications, Bob Reina constantly stresses the importance of the team of individuals he works with. When asked about any recent purchase that has contributed his business’ success, Reina is quick to dismiss material purchases and instead praise the IT and marketing professionals on his team.


Before Bob Reina was involved in the creation of Talk Fusion, he spent over ten years serving as a police officer. Reina studied at the University of South Florida and, upon completing police academy, ended up graduating at the top of his class. He had the benefit of a steady paycheck, but his passion for entrepreneurship eventually led Bob Reina to take a major risk and start down a new career path.


Although Reina does have a natural talent for being a business leader, his success is also due to his work ethic and dedication to whatever he pursues. Talk Fusion is the prime example of Reina’s tireless efforts, as the company directly stems from his own inspiration in 2004 when he realized the need for better video communications. At home in Florida, Reina is also an inspiration to the community. He is involved in multiple charities and is a Board Member of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/