Securus Technologies An Exciting Place To Be

Securus Technologies has been working on a new technology that will make prisons and jails around North America safer places for both inmates and staff. They have recently completed a comprehensive testing of its drone detection technology, one that took 18 months to complete. The testing wrapped up in early 2018 and the company is excited to announce that it was a huge success. While the technology is still in relative infancy and will need to be tweaked in the coming years, the company is ready to provide their customers with this innovative service. The amount of contraband being introduced into corrections facilities by pilot-less drones has grown exponentially over the past several years. Some of the illegal contraband items that officials have seen being delivered by drones include weapons, drugs, and cellphones.


Securus was also in the new recently when the company won three Stevie Awards in February for outstanding customer service. The most prestigious award they received was a Gold Stevie for having the Best Customer Service Training Department in the industry. It is with great pride that the company employees over 300 customer service professionals in its U.S.-based call center. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded way back in 1986.


Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System Stopping Illegal Cell Phones Use inside the Prisons

Cell phones have become one of the most critical parts of our lives today. None of us can live without it as it allows us to communicate with other people and also complete other essential tasks quite easily. They offer many benefits to us, but there are people who are using it to hurt other people. Cell phones are among the most smuggled items in prisons and have led to many dangerous situations for prison officials. It is the reason why prisons have been using technology over the years to ensure that contraband cell phones are not used inside the prison. But, even after proper operations in place, there is always some ways that criminals can smuggle the cell phones inside the prison. Thus, it is up to the technology companies like Securus Technologies to prevent them from being used in prison. After many other technologies by other companies failed, the new technology by Securus Technologies has been able to provide excellent results so far wherever it has been tested.


Inmates use the cell phones inside the prison to be in contact with their partners outside so that they can still carry on their illegal activities from inside the prison. But, Securus Technologies has come up with a new system called the Wireless Containment System. The company has also introduced it in many different prisons and is seeing tremendous results. One of the people behind the introduction of wireless containment system was Robert Johnson. He had been a prison official for many years and was one of the top officials who was responsible for catching cell phones from inmates. He was himself attacked by one of the inmate’s contacts inside his home one early morning while his wife was sleeping in the next room. He was shot several times but managed to live the tale. He is part of Securus Technologies team who is looking over the installation the wireless containment system in prisons. He has been working with the prison officials and conducting workshops to show its benefits to the prison industry.


There are many reasons why wireless containment system is an effective solution to the contraband cell phone problems in prison. They create a local network inside the prison that every cell phone need access too, but only the approved phones can pass through it. The prison officials are using it to stop all unauthorized calls within the facility and stop the connection that the inmates make with the outside world. It is a way to prevent the inmates from threatening the lives of prison officials. Robert Johnson has on the forefront of the research on wireless containment system to make it completely fool-proof so that it cannot be hacked from inside the prison.



Securus Technologies, Connecting People in Times of Change

Securus Industries is a company that’s growing at a rapid pace. Over the last 30 years, the Texas-based company has continuously been working to improve the lives of those it serves. Securus is a company that specializes in the management of correctional facilities. It provides services to inmates, such as telephone calling plans, video visitation, commissary items, prepaid money cards, and messaging services. The company supports the facilities it has a presence in by providing monitoring, management software, booking software, and much more. The company has acquired numerous businesses over the years; to improve its position as an industry leader.


These attempts at growth have been incredibly successful. Most recently, Securus has acquired GovPayNet. The company is over 20 years old and provides payment processing services for governmental agencies. Court fees, traffic citations, and bail payments are among the types of items the company handles. Another financial services company, JPay, has been a part of Securus Technologies for about a year. The company handles funding of inmate financial accounts, and now is offering tablet computers for sale to the inmates. GovPayNet is excited to join the family, as it believes it will provide many opportunities for growth. JPay is also working on a critical technology, known as wireless containment systems. The project is still in the testing phase, however, is anticipated to be rolled out into more facilities in the very near future.


Even with all the new projects, Securus Technologies remains customer focused. The company has made huge strides in customer service. Earning an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating is a proud moment for any company. In addition, the company has a nearly perfect score in one call resolution. Securus has also recently earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. It’s no surprise that the company earned an “A+” rating. Connecting people is what Securus Technologies does best, and it’s proving itself to be a worthwhile venture.

Powerful Inmate Monitoring System Developed by Securus Technologies

Being able to maintain a degree of order inside our prison has become very challenging as of late. Not only are we dealing with inmates who say they can get drugs easier that ever inside, these same inmates are younger, more violent, and are dealing with extremely overcrowded conditions during their time in our jail. When you add into the mix lengthy sentences, it is no wonder many inmates simply feel that they have nothing to lose.


Part of my job as a corrections officers is being right in the mix with these inmates, shoulder to shoulder where things have the chance to get dangerous in a flash. While many inmates are respectful, it can be a challenge to find the bad ones in a sea of thousands of inmates. To keep order, we have to rely on a number of different resources that give us the ability to stop trouble before it even has a chance to develop.


Securus Technologies has been a key component in the keeping of peace in jail, and their inmate call monitoring system has changed the way that officers deal with violence in a jail. Instead of always being in the position of chasing trouble, now we can anticipate more accurately and stop it before it escalates.


Securus Technologies has the new inmate monitoring system in several thousand prisons, and it can help officers in a few different ways. Due to the fact that the LBS software is doing the scanning of calls, it frees up the officers that used to man the calls to be able to get back on the front lines.


If inmates are talking about getting or using drugs, we can get ahead of the trouble and eliminate it from the equation. The same can be said for weapons, attack plans, or violence towards any other inmates.


Securus Technologies Preventing Crimes Through the City

I am part of a local police investigative team that has to put cold cases to bed, and solving these cases takes every bit of my thirty years on the force. In those three decades, I have developed a number of unique ways to gather evidence and hunt down those committing crimes and trying to stay off the police radar. This year we were handed a case that needed to be solved because family and friends were fearing this suspect was going to come after them if he was not back behind bars. His ability to disappear and stay off the radar had the entire community on edge.


Inmates at the prison this suspect was last housed at were all well aware that I was there looking for information. These inmates would never risk being tagged a rat for talking to the cops, but I had other plans. Since I knew Securus Technologies has recently updated the inmate call monitoring phone system, I thought I could rattle their cages and then they would go run to the phones and talk up a storm how pissed off they were.


It wasn’t long after I tried to get the inmates to talk to me that they were chattering up a storm on the phones. Many were talking about how if they knew anything they would never talk, but we did pick up of some conversations where two inmates were talking about a common thread between them all. This suspect would take stolen goods to a common broker, and this broker was supposed to be cutting these inmates on the take. That was the only break we had, so we ran with it and put a tail on that fence. It wasn’t long before he met up with our suspect, and we were able to take them both into custody and finally put a close to a very long cold case thanks in part to Securus Technologies.


Rick Smith Builds Securus to Be Top Prison Technology Company

Securus is a company that is headed by CEO Rick Smith. He has done some amazing things with this company that has made the concept of prison video communication possible. He has done a lot to make prison safer and also save money for the Department of Corrections. He has given the correctional system a major upgrade with applications that allow investigators to also track the movement of inmates and discover fraternization inside the prison system. Rick Smith is an innovator that has a team of employees that are taking prison technology to the next plateau.

Rick Smith is always on the cutting edge when it comes to technology with Securus. He has created a company that provides data metrics and all different types of analysis of inmates on the inside through the use of video technology. He has been able to capitalize on building a platform where prisons are safer and this is one of the reasons that he has been acknowledged by so many people that are looking forward to using his software.

The video visitation program has become some of the most popular programs for people that have family members or friends that are incarcerated. This is a great way for this company to make money and build a customer base of users that would rather not go to the prison. Rick Smith was well aware that this was happening in different cities throughout the United States. He knew that there were many people that simply could not get out to the prison systems because of their age or a possible disability. What he did with video visitation was make it accessible for anyone to see the face of their friends or loved ones that were incarcerated simply by connecting with them through video. This is proving to be one of his most successful endeavors in the technology spectrum. Under the leadership of Rick Smith Securus has been able to secure a multitude of patents, and this company is continuing to break ground in other areas of technology.

Rick Smith has proven that he has what it takes to lead successfully, and he is building a legacy as a pioneer of prison communication technology. He is doing what many of the others in leadership roles for similar companies have not been able to do, and this is all because he was willing to think outside the box and go beyond what was considered the norm in the prison system.

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Smith has been able to capitalize on his innovative way of thinking outside of the box by growing his company in a tremendous way. More prison systems are picking up this security technology because it works amazingly well. Read more on

Using Securus Technologies to Catch an Escaped Criminal

I work in a very overcrowded jail and have the responsibility of monitoring calls between inmates on the phone. We try to listen to the calls for a number of reasons, and one is gather information that could lead to the arrest of suspects on the outside too. Last year we had one of our top level gang leaders escape, and even though a task force was hot on his trail, his support network was keeping him hidden from authorities.


In order to maintain some order in the prison, one of my responsibilities is to listen in on calls to see if there are any rumblings going on between gangs. There have been a number of times this year I have been able to pick up on calls where top members of a rival gang were handing down orders for low-level soldiers to attack a certain inmate.


During that call, the person on the outside mentioned something that peaked my interest. Even though I suspected they were talking about the escaped inmate, the wording was in such a way that I could not make out the conversation. Luckily, around this time we had Securus Technologies here working on installing and then training us on a new inmate communication system.


It wasn’t a week after I was trained that I was back on the line and those same two inmates again mentioned what I thought was the escaped inmate. This time the LBS software alerted me to some information that proved to be especially helpful. I relayed that information to the fugitive hunters who were able to finally get a solid lead and catch the suspect hiding with family.


The LBS software has been instrumental at helping us to not only keep the jail safer for officers and inmates, it is helping us to keep the streets of our city safe too.