IDLife Fills In The Gaps

IDLife products have been formulated to improve your health and restore any nutritional imbalances that you may have. They have been tested to ensure that they will not interfere negatively with the vitamins that you may already be taking.

IDLife products are exclusively sold through the IDNutrition website, and they offer a unique blend of ingredients that are only offered through their products currently. They are also less expensive to purchase than if you were to purchase all of the ingredients in their products separately.

The benefits of taking IDLife products can be achieved in as few as ten days, but the peak of its benefits will be felt after taking them for about 90 days of regular use.

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IDLife offers quality products that are casein free, GMO-free, soy free and gluten free. They even offer a personalized assessment to their customers to best match them up with the products that’ll benefit them the most. This assessment makes sure that you get the exact nutrients that your body needs so that you don’t have to guess. This assessment also takes into consideration any medications you may be taking, and it is very thorough and comprehensive.

Their protein shakes help to build lean muscle, burn fat, and give you the energy that you need to power through the day. They also offer a vegan shake as well. Their sleep strips are formulated to help you get a restful sleep without the use of natural ingredients. Their workout line offers pre-workout and post-workout nutrients to help you to get the most out of your effort and to give you the energy to get through even the toughest workout routine and training.

Whatever you need to help you power through your day, IDLife has got it covered. They offer shakes, bars, products that help to manage weight and give you more energy and products for kids as well as skin care. Their products are geared to help you feel your very best and to help you to get the most out of your day so that you can be more productive and energized.


Hussain Sajwani’s Beautiful Properties Now Have A New Partnership With Roberto Cavalli Group

DAMAC owner and private equity investor Hussain Sajwani announced in August 2017 that he and the Roberto Cavalli Group were bringing the “Just Cavalli” look to the interior of a new vacation villa project he’s been developing. These villas started going on sale in the following September and what’s been special about Just Cavalli has been their creativity and extra details of artistry that make it known as being an “avante garde” brand. Just Cavalli CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris said he’s been excited to expand the company’s footprint into real estate as this has been a novelty for them. This is a huge step from being simply a fashion and jewelry design company, and this adds to the glamor of golf resort housing for the Hussain Sajwani family who also are close to the Trump family.


Hussain Sajwani started entering real estate in the late 1990s and established DAMAC and its subsidiaries in 2002, but his business experience goes even further back. He got his bachelor’s degree in business at the University of Washington and started off in the oil industry as a contracts manager for ADNOC’s GASCO company. He launched his first business as a caterer to a variety of clients from hotel owners, construction companies, humanitarian aid organizations and even the US military during the Gulf War. Sajwani was making millions with catering, but he became even more ambitious as he saw the Abu Dhabi and Dubai real estate markets surging in real estate.


The first notable property that Sajwani had built under DAMAC was the Marina Terrace in 2005 with its exquisite, and he followed it up with the first DAMAC Tower project the following year during which he partnered with the Versace company’s Beirut branch to do the interior. He had started doing several resort construction projects with the Trump’s in the early 2000s, but he had the biggest resort built in 2011 at the Tiger Woods golf course, and in 2016 he and now President Donald Trump announced the Trump International Golf Club. Sajwani is also the owner of DICO Investments and has acquired Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and has partial ownership in Al Ahlia Insurance Company. He also setup a philanthropy organization to support refugees feeling war-torn areas of the Middle East.


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Securus Technologies, Connecting People in Times of Change

Securus Industries is a company that’s growing at a rapid pace. Over the last 30 years, the Texas-based company has continuously been working to improve the lives of those it serves. Securus is a company that specializes in the management of correctional facilities. It provides services to inmates, such as telephone calling plans, video visitation, commissary items, prepaid money cards, and messaging services. The company supports the facilities it has a presence in by providing monitoring, management software, booking software, and much more. The company has acquired numerous businesses over the years; to improve its position as an industry leader.


These attempts at growth have been incredibly successful. Most recently, Securus has acquired GovPayNet. The company is over 20 years old and provides payment processing services for governmental agencies. Court fees, traffic citations, and bail payments are among the types of items the company handles. Another financial services company, JPay, has been a part of Securus Technologies for about a year. The company handles funding of inmate financial accounts, and now is offering tablet computers for sale to the inmates. GovPayNet is excited to join the family, as it believes it will provide many opportunities for growth. JPay is also working on a critical technology, known as wireless containment systems. The project is still in the testing phase, however, is anticipated to be rolled out into more facilities in the very near future.


Even with all the new projects, Securus Technologies remains customer focused. The company has made huge strides in customer service. Earning an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating is a proud moment for any company. In addition, the company has a nearly perfect score in one call resolution. Securus has also recently earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. It’s no surprise that the company earned an “A+” rating. Connecting people is what Securus Technologies does best, and it’s proving itself to be a worthwhile venture.

Robert Ivy: Architect and CEO of the American Institute of Architects

If you’re curious about Robert Ivy, he is an architect, Executive Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer of the renowned American Institute of Architects, based in Washington, D.C. He is also the Founder of AIA Continental Europe, the European branch of the American Institute of Architects, one of the institute’s seven international chapters. Ivy has worked in the architectural field for over four decades; he is a University of the South alumnus, who earned a B.A. in English, in 1969, before going on to study at Tulane University, earning a Master’s degree in architecture, in 1976. In his role as architect and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Ivy is tasked with managing the institute’s network of 250 chapters and over 90,000 members.

Although he has only been with the American Institute of Architects since 2011, Ivy possesses a wealth of industry experience. In 1996, he began his career as an Editor-in-Chief for the Architectural Record, an American monthly magazine predicated on architecture and interior design. During his time with the Architectural Record, Ivy’s contributions were met with considerable praise, earning him the premier magazine journalism award. Soon after, Ivy took on the role of Vice President and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which published written works for the Architectural Record, as well as GreenSource and the Engineering News-Record. In addition, Robert Ivy served as a principal for Ivy Architects, as well as managing partner for Dean, Dale, Dean & Ivy, a comprehensive architectural firm based in Mississippi. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

When it comes to being the recipient of awards, Robert Ivy has received his fair share; in fact, he was named Master Architect, by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, for his capacity to effectively communicate the value of architectural design. Not only was it an honor to be recognized by the fraternity, the recognition placed him in the company of famed architects like John Wellborn Root and Nathan Ricker, who were also recognized for their contributions to architecture. Also, while still at the Architecture Record, Ivy, and the publication as a whole received the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award.

Although Robert Ivy is immensely successful in his field, he doesn’t mind helping others; in fact, he contributed to Frank Gehry’s success. Ivy played an integral role in selecting Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. So needless to say, Robert Ivy is well suited for his role with the American Institute of Architects.



The American Institute of Architects Makes Architecture Into an Engine For a Better World

Robert Ivy acts as the chief executive officer as well as the executive vice president for the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization with a strong focus on bringing together architects from around the world. While Ivy works as an architect, putting a focus on the design and construction industries, he strongly encourages architects to look outside their own field. Architecture isn’t an isolated field, and with applications from improving public health to disaster relief efforts, collaboration has become the name of the game, and the American Institute of Architects is ahead of the pack when it comes to making collaboration happen. View Robert Ivy’s profile at LinkedIn

Why The Recent Focus on Public Health?

The field of architecture is unique in that the field seems to focus on a single theme at any given time. While, until recently, the focus of publications has been on the isolated value of a structure, seeing them simply as objects, there has been a recent trend towards architectural projects being agents of change and collaboration, focusing on the bigger picture, which is to say, how the project affects the entire city and its people. With the new generation of architects focused on social engagement, diversity, collaboration, and more hands-on experiences. The impression of architecture as simply another art form is quickly fading, and its value to society is becoming more clear than ever before.

One area in which architecture has a readily apparent effect is that of public health. While the structure of a building isn’t likely to mend a broken leg, it can be engineered to help prevent things such as non-communicable diseases in the vein of heart disease or diabetes. For example, a building could be designed to promote healthy living and exercise by forgoing things such as elevators in favor of stairs, or, god forbid, by placing the parking spaces further away. But this focus on health is by no means a new development, it has simply gained more traction recently than in the past. The most simple design principles of architecture already force those in the field to consider health, from a building’s access to sunlight and clean water to ventilation and fresh air. Health has been part of architecture since the first time a building was designed. Read:

Building For The Future

The final goal of this movement is quite simple, as Ivy explains. Architects want evidence that their buildings are creating an impact on the world. They want to know whether or not their designs affect health or productivity, and this data can be hard to get. Most studies on the subject have focused on lighting rather than structure, and data is sparse. Robert Ivy believes that a sustained effort is what’s needed to gather this data and to turn the field of architecture into a force for change, and an engine for collaboration.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Buzzes to Queen Bee Status with Dating App

Women who have tried dating apps know how it is, very few men interested in dating and many interested in themselves and their appendages. There are things in life that cannot be unseen, and that is why most women just gave up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a more female-focused dating platform?

Well, Bumble, the social dating app is just that. Closely aligned with the Sadie Hawkins notion, Bumble encourages women to make the first move with matches. Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd founded and is currently the CEO at Bumble. Wolfe Herd had one thing on her mind when she was devising a concept for Bumble – women. She was desperate to create a female-friendly dating platform that would be more approachable for the ladies.

Even at a young age, Wolfe Herd had an entrepreneurial-philanthropic spirit. She attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, majoring in International Studies. At 19, in between studying, Wolfe Herd began a business so that she could help people that were affected by an oil spill. After graduation, Wolfe Herd traveled overseas to work with orphanages. She moved back to the states shortly after, and it wasn’t long before she took dating to another level.

After spending some time in the corporate world, Wolfe Herd moved back to Texas. Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, messaged her initially with a job offer. However, after several chats and meetings, that job offer became a partnership. Within a few months, Bumble launched in December of 2014.

A Facebook login is required to use Bumble. After logging in a user profile is created, which will include college and work. Bumble uses a swipe method in which users swipe right to like a user, and swipe left to move on. If two users like each other, a match is created. The woman can then decide if she wants to initiate contact. However, if she does not make contact within twenty-four hours, the connection is voided. Bumble is said to be the fastest growing social-dating app with 22 million users reported in 2017.

Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble are on the up and continue to grow and innovate. In 2016, BumbleBFF, the friend-finding platform launched using the same interface and swipe method as Bumble. A year later, the career-networking platform, BumbleBizz launched, making Bumble the one-stop shop for work and play. Wolfe Herd resides in Austin, Texas with her husband Michael Herd, an oil heir whom she married in September of 2017. The two met on holiday in Aspen, and a few years later they married in Positano, Italy.

Named in Business Insider’s “30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech”, and the “30 Under 30 in Forbes, Whitney Wolfe Herd is making quite the impression in tech and for women.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Strike Gold with Live Meetings Application

We are living in an increasingly technical world and as a result there are constant tech innovations that are required in order to keep up. Talk Fusion is a Florida-based video marketing company that has focused on helping customers spread their business via video marketing tools. Talk Fusion made the news recently with the release of their Live Meetings application, a web-based conferencing application that offers businesses the chance to stream to upwards of 500 people at a time. Talk Fusion has been making a focused effort to upgrade their popular marketing suite with WebRTC technology and the results have been relatively stunning. Let’s take a closer look at Talk Fusion’s newest product in order to see what they have in store for the future.


Live Meetings is the newest program to be released by Talk Fusion and it might be their most popular one yet. Built on WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion has given their customers the chance offer video services en masse. Video conferencing is the way of the future, especially with how more and more customers are turning to the internet and videos to get their information. Live Meetings is the newest piece of tech for Talk Fusion and we believe it will have similar longevity as their other award-winning programs, such as 2016’s top product Video Chat.


Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO are Bob Reina and he has been a big reason as to why video marketing is as important as it is today. Reina retired from his work as a sheriff’s deputy in order to pursue a career in marketing. Based out of Florida, Reina and his company have become something of a global player. Talk Fusion can be found in countries all around the world and the core program itself has been translated into nine different languages. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina also offer a program by way of the Talk Fusion Academy in order to train potential associates to help advertise, sell, and make a commission with the Talk Fusion marketing suite. Talk Fusion’s success in 2016 looks like it will set them up for more success going forward. Learn more:

Stream Energy Exceeds Natural Resource Industry

Stream Energy is popular for providing life services to their customers including wireless home protection, homes services, and now energy. Their most recent expansion includes providing energy services to parts of Illinois. They will proudly serve Northern Illinois as part of the seventh state to partner with Stream including Pennsylvania and Washington to name a few. Their CEO and president, Larry Mondry says, their team of professionals is proud to serve Illinois. The goal is to improve the lives of thousands of their customers by providing the best in energy services. Stream remains committed to their customer’s needs. View Stream Energy at

Streamline your life with affordable energy from a trusted provider. You can receive a 6% reduction on traditional services which is below the incumbent. An online press release says they have been working on this deal for some time and have increased their business portfolio successfully to add the state of Illinois. They also encourage their customers to take part in their 12 month fixed home electric service plan. Stream also expects to exceed their energy services to include commercial partnerships and international expansion. As a response, Illinois says,

they’re proud to be a part of the Stream Energy family.


Who Is Stream Energy

Stream Energy is based in Dallas, Texas and known for their reliable life services network. Their assets are worth an estimated $12 billion dollars in the past 12 years. Their stockholders are impressed and back their initiative for corporate growth. They are one of the largest selling energy providers in the market. A friendly team of professionals is there to keep you connected wherever you are. Streamline your complete energy services and more with the superior Stream Energy. They’re currently serving many states and would like to continue expansion efforts. Get details on Stream Energy at

Self Esteem, Health and Empowerment from Fabletics

There is a lot of focus on self esteem and health. One of the most common issues with society is that of low self esteem and self worth. Many people, especially women are struggling with their self worth. One of the main driving factors behind their self esteem is their appearance. This adds to the issues that women are faced with everyday. While they are aware of what may be causing their low self esteem, they are often presented with messages of the importance of self acceptance. The only issue is that women are often faced with issues that they can’t help but notice about themselves.


It has been suggested that one’s clothes can influence how one feels about herself. With the right type of clothing, women can experience a subtle lift in their self esteem. The only issue is that trying to dress well can cause a lot of confusion for women. This is where they have to make a decision as to who they are dressing for. The best person for a woman to dress for is herself. If she is satisfied with what she looks like, then that will leave less room for people to have their say on what she should look like.


There are people that are helping women in their pursuit of greater self esteem. Among the people that are working towards empowering women is Kate Hudson. She is very passionate about sending a positive message to women. She also wants to help women feel their best as well as look their best. Among the other people involved is Don Ressler. Both Kate Hudson and Don Ressler have worked together to bring forth Fabletics and have made it an all inclusive brand so that women of all sizes can enjoy the brand.


Feeling and looking good is every woman’s right regardless of size. Women should not have to go without the outfit that they think is amazing because they are not the right size. One of the frustrating facts about the fashion industry is that it seems to punish people for being big. Even men are faced with disadvantages that come with being either too big, too tall, or both. Not every case of size is something that can be controlled. With Kate Hudson, her approach in the fashion and beauty industry encourages women who are trying to be healthier to pursue a greater fitness level.

DR. SCOTT M. ROCKLAGE – Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures

Dr Scott M. Rocklage is an exceptionally qualified medical physician who has been in the industry for more than two decades and has led to the FDA approval of 3 U.S New Drug Applications; i.e. Comniscan™, Teslascan®, and Cubicin®. He has also entered six drug candidates into clinical trials.


He joined 5 AM Ventures LLC in 2003 as a venturing partner and became a managing partner in 2004. He defines the firm as a life science-based venture capital firm. It aids the science community in further developing projects that will help human life to survive longer on earth.


Scott Rocklage attained his B.S in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and went further ahead to pursue his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he researched in Richard R. Schrock’s lab, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2005. He is currently based in Boston, MA office.


Despite his managing partner role, Scott Rocklage has had numerous titles throughout the years. He was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, President and Chief Executive Officer at Nycomed Salutar and Nycomed Interventional and similarly, has served in various R&D positions at Salutar and Catlytica.


He has also had positions as Board Chairman of Relypsa, Achaogen, and Novira. He has been a Board member in EPIRUS and Pulmatrix as well. He was the former executive chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana Therapeutics Inc, and Semprus BioSciences Corp. He currently is the Board chairman of Rennovia Inc., Kinestral, and Cidara Therapeutics Inc.


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