Alex Paul And His Duo, The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half The Chainsmokers. The initially-New-York-based duo now resides in Southern California. The Hollywood Hills home of Alex Pall has been boasted about in The Wall Street Journal. It’s as nice as you would expect a house in such a place to be. Many people grow up in apartments with limited room or homes on small plots of land. You can rest assured that his house is not like any of thes types of places—it is a lot bigger and more spacious. This is what world-wide success allows for when you are a musician.

This guy is really living the life that many people dream of but never get. Fortunately, he is very wise about how he conducts his behavior. Alex Pall is one of those musicians who has been smart enough—or perhaps lucky enough—to not die from a problem that he brought upon himself. Avicii, an electronic dance music DJ who died from drugs, is not in that boat.


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Alex Pall met his co-DJ, Andrew Taggart, in New York City in 2012. The Chainsmokers had already existed, though the guy who originally worked alongside Alex Pall decided to quit. Considering how successful The Chainsmokers eventually became, it was probably unwise for this last guy to quit. However, in a way, maybe the resignation of this guy somehow led The Chainsmokers to become successful. Maybe Alex Pall needed to meet with Andrew Taggart to reach the series of events that led to their success.

The Chainsmokers are not a one-hit-wonder. In fact, they have numerous songs broadcasted over mainstream radio stations for all to hear. Throughout the years, many DJs have come and gone. The Chainsmokers have remained and have arisen as a successful duo. Of course, just like everybody else, their success in the music industry wasn’t a guaranteed thing. Pursuing such a dream is often a risky endeavor. Alex Pall knew this, and felt a bit scared pursuing it. However, he gained so much enjoyment from DJing that he decided to stay with it and see where it would go.