Guilherme Paulus; The Man behind Brazil’s Finest Tourism Services

According to one outstanding entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus, entrepreneurship is all about finding the best  business solution to a problem and bringing it to work correctly. Paulus became the ultimate problem solver to the tourists in Brazil who needed more quenching, memories and exciting tours to the beautiful sceneries that the land of Brazil had to offer.Unlike most as a successful entrepreneurs that date their dreams from way back in their childhood days, Guilherme Paulus began his career journey in the technology industry as a computer technician, interning at the IBM. His frequent interactions with the hospitality industry made him grow interested in the tours sector where he even took a job as a salesman for a travel agency after IBM.

As smart as he was, he connected networks in the tourism industry, and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari grew interested in Paulus’ potential. Together, they started a tours company, CVC Tours whose primary objective was to revolutionize tourism in the country by providing a new and exciting experience. He came up with solutions that took CVC Tours from a startup company to one of the largest tour companies in Latin America, today.CVC continued to flourish for years under Guilherme Paulus’ management. He then discovered that his clients would struggle to find final destinations after booking trips with CVC. CVC was mainly faced with referral questions from interested clients.

Paulus hatched a  investment plan and decided to invest more than $ 600 million into building the finest hotels and resorts for his clients. In 2005, GJP Hotel and Resorts was born, a chain of about twenty luxury resorts was constructed across the country to accommodate the demand from the tourists.Guilherme Paulus states that he often visits his hotels to talk to clients and understand their needs which help a lot in maintaining business significance. His brilliance in the industry couldn’t go unnoticed, as he was elected as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017 and featured on Brazil’s Isto E Dinheiro’s magazine. His investments idea in Brazil have created employment for a significant number of Brazilians which makes him a hero in his own country.